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XBo Rules
1.Upon completing Xtra Baggage Option (XBo) Sign-up, you
 a.cannot opt out of XBo and cannot change any of the selected options(s).
 b.XBo price is non-refundable and non-cancellable except only for the ticket itinerary originating in Korea. Only for tickets originating in Korea, the unused XBo price is refundable subject to a refund fee of 25% of the unused XBo price value.
 c.authorize us to assign XBo to you.
 d.have agreed to pay XBo Price.
 e.will be entitled to carry the extra baggage assigned to you.
 f.will be informed about the Xtra Baggage assignment on the email address provided by you.
 g.cannot endorse, refund and/or exchange XBo to other services.
2.You need to contact Vietnam Airlines office if you desire to change or cancel your flight and normal policies of your airline shall apply.
3.Xtra Baggage is only valid for the passenger on the specific flight for which it is paid for. In the event you change your flight, you may visit our website (under Manage My Option section) to move your XBo selection to the new flight by paying applicable price. If you don't move the XBo selection to the new flight, you may not be able to carry extra bags on your new flight and amount paid for XBo is non-refundable.
4.Children above two years are subject to the same extra bag price as adults. Infants below two years are not subject to excess baggage purchase.
5.XBo prices may vary by route, by time of purchase, by demand on the flight for bags or by any other variable.
6.'Bags' refer to checked-in baggage only. Hand baggage allowance is regulated by different policies. The sum of the 3 linear dimensions (width + height + length) of one piece must not exceed 158 cm/62 inches. Total weight per bag should not exceed 23kg/50lb. If the size and/or weight of your Bag(s) is more than the specified limit, additional charges may apply at the airport. Extra baggage must be packed in accordance with current regulations of Vietnam Airlines.
7.If you decide not to carry Extra Baggage as per the assigned Extra Baggage, your XBo price will not be refunded.