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LAo Rules
1) Upon completing LAo Sign-up, you 
a) cannot opt out of LAo and cannot change any of the selected Lounge Access Option(s);
b) authorize Optiontown to assign Lounge Access to you, at the sole discretion of Optiontown; and
c) have agreed to pay LAo Sign-up Price and Lounge Access Price. LAo Sign-up Price is Non-Refundable. If you are not assigned Lounge Access by Optiontown, Lounge Access Price will be automatically refunded within 5 business days after the flight departure.
2) In the event Optiontown assigns you Longe Access,
a) you will be entitled to all the facilities associated with the Business Lounge ;
b) you will be informed about the Lounge Access Assignment on the email address provided by you.
3) You need to contact to your airline if you desire to make changes or if your airline makes any changes to your flight before/after Optiontown assigns Longe Access to you. In all such cases, normal policies of your airline shall apply. In the event you make any changes in your itinerary, Optiontown may choose not to assign Longe Access to you.
4) For Vietnam Airline flights, you are eligible to sign-up for LAo only if you have already signed-up for Upgrade Travel Option (UTo) on the same flight. And if you sign-up for LAo, then you will be eligible to receive Lounge access only if Optiontown has already granted you UTo upgrade to Business on the same flight.