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PSo Rules
1)Upon completing Sign-up for Preferred Seat, you agree that cannot opt out of it and cannot change any of the selected seats;
 b.Preferred seat purchase is non-refundable and non-cancellable. authorize Optiontown, at its own sole discretion, to assign Preferred Seat to you; and
 d.have agreed to pay the preferred seat price.
 e.children above 2 years old are subject to the same charges as the adults. will receive your email confirmation shortly on the email address provided by you.
 g.if you change your seat for any reason after you've been assigned preferred seat, preferred seat price is non-refundable and you will not be assigned the preferred seat again.
2)You need to contact your airline if you desire to change or cancel your flight and normal policies of your airline shall apply. In the event your flight is changed after you select seats with Optiontown, you may come back to Optiontown to move your preferred seat selection to the new flight by paying applicable price. To do so, retrieve your PNR on our website and then visit Manage My Option link. However, it's not guaranteed that you will get the same seats and amount paid for preferred seat will be non-refundable.
3)For safety reasons, if you're seated in an exit row, you must meet the following minimum requirements:
 a.At least 15 and not over 60 years of age.
 b.In good condition, not be pregnant, not travelling with infants or pets.
 c.Be able to read and understand instructions required related to emergency evacuation, provided in printed or graphic form and be able to understand oral crew commands.
 d.Not requiring an extension seat belt because of large body size.
 e.Not have any condition that might prevent you from performing any or all evacuation assistance functions (e.g. operating the exit door).
4)Please note: the crew in command has the authority to reseat you if there’s any doubt about your ability to assist with evacuation tasks. In that case, you cannot claim a refund.
5)In case you do not fulfill any one or more of the above requirements, your Exit row seat assignment will be canceled. The airline will have the right to cancel your preferred seat request even if paid, and you will seated on a Normal Seat as per availability with no refund.
6)The airline has the full right to change the Aircraft Type at its convenience, in this case, and if the airline fails to honor the same or similar seat as per your assigned preferred seat during your flight, you may ask for refund by contacting Optiontown customer care at