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Social Distancing - Empty Seat Option (ESo) Rules
1.Upon completing ESo Sign-up, you
a.cannot opt out of Empty Seat Option and cannot change any of the selected ESo;
b.authorize Optiontown to assign empty seats to you, at the sole discretion of Optiontown; and
c.have agreed to pay empty seat price. If you are not assigned empty seats in a flight by Optiontown, the empty seat price paid for that flight will be automatically refunded within 5 business days after the flight departure.
d.if you already have a seat, you agree that your seat selection may be changed in the even that your request for ESo is approved. Any fees paid for the original seat is non-refundable.
2.A "row" or "seat row" is defined as the collection of all adjacent seats between an aisle and the next adjacent aisle/window inside an aircraft. For example, a 3x3 seating configuration will have a row of 3 seats.
3.In the event Optiontown assigns you empty seats, will be entitled to use the assigned empty seats for passengers already included in your booking at the time of ESo Sign-up.;
b.You cannot bring any additional passenger with you on the assigned empty seats; and will be informed about the empty seat assignment on the email address provided by you.
4.You need to contact your airline if you desire to make changes or if the airline makes any changes to your flight before/after Optiontown has assignedemptyseat to you. In all such cases, normal policies of the airline shall apply. In the event you make any changes in your itinerary, Optiontown may choose not to assign empty seats to you.
5.In the event that Optiontown is unable to seat you and your group together, your seating arrangement may be split up in rows that are not adjacent to each other or may be located in different zones in the aircraft. If you are a single passenger in your booking and we assign one empty seat next to you, there may be another passenger seated in the adjacent seat next to the empty seat. Kindly also inform the cabin crew of the empty seat upon embarking the aircraft.