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    Learn about Upgrade Travel Option (UTo)
    Upgrade to Deluxe Economy or Business for up to 75% less! How does it work?
    Upgrade Travel Option allows you to upgrade to Deluxe Economy or Business Class and enjoy the luxurious comforts and privileges for a fraction of the regular price (up to 75% less). If you have an Economy Class ticket, you can enjoy the comforts and benefits of upgrade to Deluxe Economy or Business Class. Similarly, if you are booked on a Deluxe Economy ticket, you can draw the comforts and benefits of Business Class by selecting upgrade your flight. With this upgrade option, you get all the premium class services, including the premium luxurious flatbed, gourmet meals & drinks, premier in-flight entertainment, faster immigration,priority check-in & boarding, faster security checks etc. Experience luxury and style at its best! Arrive at your destination refreshed, active and ready to go.
    If you have a flight booked with Vietnam Airlines, you can sign-up for UTo for a chance to upgrade to Deluxe Economy or Business for up to 75% less.
    You will be notified via email about your upgrade status usually 1 to 3 days but no later than 4 hours before the flight departure. If not upgraded, the upgrade price will be refunded to you within 5 days after the flight departure.
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    Steps to get an upgrade.
    • Visit and select the Upgrade tab.
    • Enter your booking details (PNR or booking reference, passenger last name and email) to retrieve your booking. If you don't have your PNR handy, use the 'Advanced Search' to retrieve your booking with your flight details.
    • Select the class where you want to upgrade your flight.
    • Pay a small Sign-up price and a nominal upgrade price (in this way enjoying up to 75% savings compared to Premium Economy or Business Class fares).
    • Review and make the payment to complete your upgrade Sign-up.
    Upgrade - Benefits
    • Luxurious Flatbed
    • Gourmet Meals & Drinks
    • Premier In-flight Entertainment
    • Faster Immigration
    • Priority Check-in & Boarding
    • FastTrack Security


    What is Upgrade Travel Option (UTo)?

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